• Scholarship Policies:

    • Students in kindergarten through 8th grade may apply for a scholarship
    • No child is denied an education at St. Joseph’s because of finacial need.
    • Scholarship applications are completed online through the TADS system
      • New families that register their students after April 15th may still be eligible for scholarship.
      • Families with returning students will not be considered for full scholarship award after April 15th.
  • Scholarship Procedures for All Students Before April 15th:

    Read the directions below and click the link above the picture to apply for a St. Joseph's School Scholarship.
    • Log into the TADS system with your username and password.
    • Click on the Financial Aid tab and complete the required information
      • The TADS scholarship application will ask you information on your 2016 tax return, your most recent W2s for all jobs, your most recent paycheck from your current jobs, current expense information, and any special circumstances.
      • All information reported through the TADS scholarship application is kept confidential.  No school or parish employee, with the exception of the parish administrator, will have knowledge of or access to any information reported in the scholarship application.
    • Submit the scholarship application.
    • Fax or mail all required documents to TADS to complete the scholarship application.
    • By May 15th, you will receive an email from the TADS system asking you to complete the tuition agreement.  The scholarship award will be reflected in the tuition agreement.
  • Scholarship Procedures for All Students After April 15th

    After April 15th, any family interested in scholarships should contact Kim Noel, Parish Administrator, at 218-236-5066.  Interested families will be asked to have a confidential meeting with Kim to discuss scholarship opportunities.