Catholic United Financial Raffle

Week of February 10th


  • What's the Scoop?

    The Catholic United Financial Raffle is an amazing opportunity for St. Joseph’s School. Each year, only a select number of schools are chosen to participate, and we are lucky enough to have been selected once again!  Students will receive raffle tickets to sell in mid-January. Each Friday students should bring their sales to be eligible for the weekly family prize and to help all students earn school-wide prizes based on the chart to the right.
  • Prizes!

    Weekly Family Prizes—Weekly prizes will go to the top ticket selling family for each week of the raffle.   These prizes are different for each week and sure to be a hit with everyone, but you will have to patiently wait for the prize announcement each Friday to see what you can win the following week! School Wide Prizes—As a school, we’ll be working toward specific goals and rewarding the students as they are accomplished. Each Monday at assembly, students will find out if they achieved their goal and how close they are to the next level.  We intend to show students what they can accomplish by working together and having some fun!
    • $10,000—All School Dress Your Way Day!
    • $15,000—Classroom Buddy Activity!
    • $20,000—Hot Chocolate and Saint Movie!
    • $25,000—Pie a Teacher!
    • $30,000—Pizza Lunch!
    • $35,000—Rootbeer Floats and Comfy Cozy Day!
    • $40,000—Duct Tape A Teacher!
    • $45,000—Mr. Biebl and Mr. Hilliker Shave their Heads!
    • $50,000—Games Galore Family Fun Night!
    Catholic United Financial Prize— Top two selling families will receive an iPod Touch or Kindle Fire!  
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much do raffle tickets sell for?
      • Each ticket sells for $5.00
    • Who should checks be made out to?
      • Since all proceeds stays with St. Joseph’s School, checks should be made out to “St. Joseph’s School”
    • What if our family runs out of Raffle Tickets?
      • Students can get more tickets when their tickets are turned in each Friday or contact the school office if you need more at any other time.
    • Why is the incentive this year for families and not for individual students?
      • Because the majority of ticket sales go to other family members or friends of the family, we want to encourage families to work together to achieve their goal.
    • What do we have to do to become eligible for the weekly prize?
      • Ticket sales need to be turned into the school office by noon each Friday.
    • Can our family sign up to sell raffle tickets after Mass?
      • Yes, there will be a sign-up sent out January 13th to sell tickets after masses. this is a great opportunity to sell lots of tickets!