MNSAA Self-Study

  • What is MNSAA

    MNSAA (Minnesota Non-public School Accrediting Association) is St. Joseph's School accrediting association. The mission of the Minnesota Nonpublic School Accrediting Association is to be a catalyst for enhancing the quality of K-12 nonpublic education in Minnesota through a comprehensive accreditation processMNSAA fulfills its mission by:
    • Establishing high standards of quality and excellence for the learning process
    • Facilitating the continuous improvement of member schools;
    • Monitoring accountability of member schools;
    • Providing education and training opportunities; and
    • Developing relationships with public and private organizations.
    • Requiring an extensive self-evaluation and visionary strategic plan for improvement.
    Our purpose is to assist member schools in developing and maintaining the highest possible educational standards that promote student growth and school improvement. MNSAA assists member schools in preserving vital freedoms which enable them to practice their various philosophies of education and to thrive in a pluralistic society.


  • Why Accreditation

    • Accreditation provides recognized credibility for schools in the eyes of the public. Accreditation represents recognition of the quality of a school program to other educational institutions, prospective students, foundations, legislators, alumni and the general public.
    • Accreditation provides outside validation that a school has met certain basic standards, is actively seeking a quality education program, and is committed to ongoing improvement.
    • Accreditation assures the public that the school program and organization will periodically undergo an intensive self-evaluation by the school community and a review by educators who are not affiliated with the school.
    • Accreditation provides a practical framework whereby a school can reflect on its past, investigate its present, and purposely strategize where it desires to be in the future; the framework fundamentally provides the school opportunities to continuously upgrade and improve their educational program.
    • Accreditation makes a public statement that the school is committed to quality education, is willing to be measured against standards, and is willing to engage in strategic improvement activities.
    • Accreditation provides a network of educational relationships, whereby the exchange of ideas and methods to better meet the needs of students can be developed and shared.
    • Accreditation provides the school with an objective outside viewpoint which may be necessary in addressing long-standing issues and concerns.
    • Accreditation facilitates an intensive self-evaluation process whereby improvement in staff communication and cohesiveness has been a consistent result.
    • Accreditation provides an opportunity to highlight the many excellent accomplishments of the school and its students.

Click the image to view the Self-Study report completed by St. Joseph's School for the accreditation renewal process in 2014.