Our Logo


The Saints

Representing the various faith communities that our students come from, the school nickname is the “Saints.”  Written with the letter “T” replaced by a cross, the school mascot name reminds us that in all things we do, Christ is in our midst. Fully embracing our nickname, St. Joseph’s School is working hard to develop our students into Saints, as defined by the pillars of faith, leadership, and service.

The Crest

St. Joseph’s School logo, formed from an “S” in blue and a “J” in red, brings together elements of two important saints from our parish communities – St. Francis de Sales (whose writings have been described as, “Filled with celestial doctrine…pointing out to souls an easy and safe way to arrive at the perfection of a Christian life”) and St. Joseph (who in addition to being the foster-father of Jesus and husband to Mary, is known as a craftsman).

This crest is inspired from the existing images carved in stone above the north (main) and west entrances of our school.  Although little is known of Joseph’s carpentry, the hammer and chisel methods that could be used to carve this crest stir images of Joseph carefully guiding and working beside Jesus in his formative years.

Representing the writings of St. Francis de Sales, the top of the crest logo is formed by an open book, indicative of his guiding philosophical writings which are often included in the liturgy of the hours – the daily prayers of the Church.  This book image also reflects St. Francis’ studies, both academic and theological.