SCRIP is a partner ship with JPII Catholic School's in Fargo, ND.  This program allows families to purchase full-value gift-cards from St. Joseph's School with a percentage of that purchase going back to the family's tuition.  For example, a family purchasing $100/week at a local grocery store results in $2.50/week banked for that family's tuition agreement, or $130/year!  With dozens of local and national venues to purchase cards from, this no fee program is a great way to bring down tuition!

Imagine if grandparents, friends, aunts and uncles all participated for your family!

How to get Started

  • Registration Form (Step 1)

    Fill out the form below and return to St. Joseph's School office.  This information will direct which family receives the tuition credit. Click HERE for registration form.
  • Order Form (Step 2)

    Once registered, simply drop off your order (below) at St. Joseph's School or purchase gift-cards at Hurley's Religious Goods in Fargo, ND.  Cards purchased at St. Joseph's School will be available to pick up on Wednesday and Friday mornings; orders must be turned in by 9:00am the day prior.  Cards are available for immediate purchase and pick up and Hurley's. Click HERE for order form.
  • Tuition Reduction (Step 3)

    Each family that has SCRIP participation will have funds applied to their families tuition agreement the following year.