School Lunch Menu and Info

St. Joseph’s School fully participates in the Federal School Lunch and Nutrition Program.  Please review the USDA Non-Discrimination Statement by clicking HERE.

  • School Lunch Prices

    • Student – $2.50
    • Milk - $0.35
    • Student, Free – $0.00*
    • Adult – $3.65
    *To qualify, for free lunch, parents must complete the 2017-2018 Free Lunch Application (see below)
  • A la Carte Option

    • The “a la carte” option is available to students in 2nd–8th grade with the purchase of an “a la carte” punch card. Punch cards are available for $20 from the front office. The cards will be kept on file in the lunchroom. It will be up to your child to tell you when they need a new card.
    • Rules:
      1. Students must finish all of his or her lunch before purchasing “a la carte.”
      2. Students must have their purchases checked off their punch card by kitchen staff.
      3. Only students in 6th through 8th grade are eligible to purchase a 2nd entrees if they are available. All students must have been served and eaten their first lunch before seconds will be offered.
      4. The cut off time to get “a la carte” is five minutes before student cafeteria dismissal as food is not permitted to leave Marian Hall.
      5. “A la carte” will only be available when there is not a line of students being served their first lunch.
    • “A la carte” menu items:
      • $0.35 item – milk (a second milk is considered a la carte)
      • $0.50 items – string cheese, fruit
      • $0.75 items – Scooby Doo grahams, Goldfish crackers, Trix yogurt, Gripz chocolate grahams, granola bars, cereal bowls
      • $1.25 items – PB&J grahams, 2ND entrees (only 6-8th)
    • “A la carte” permission slip:
      • For students/parents to purchase an “a la carte” punch card, permission slips are required. Each student (not family) will need his/her own punch card.
      • Click HERE to download and print the “a la carte” permission slip
  • Free Lunch Program and Application Form

    Free lunches are available at St. Joseph’s School to families that qualify.  Please click HERE for the applicable letter and related forms.
  • Paying for School Lunch

    Families are able to pay for school lunch through the following methods:
    • Include as part of tuition agreement (preschool already is) - Families with children in K-8 may select to include lunch as part of their tuition agreement; if you would like this option and enrollment is complete, please contact the school office.
    • Pay online through TADs EDUCATE - Families may log in to their family TADs EDUCATE portal and make lunch payments whenever is convenient.  There is a processing fee of $1.50 with each payment for this option.
    • Parents also have the option to pay by check.  To pay by check, please bring a completed check to the school office in a clearly marked envelop with the student’s name.

February Lunch Menu