Keep busy all summer long!  Hands on activities, field trips, guest speakers, outdoor fun, science experiments, and so much more!

Why Summers at St. Joe's are Great

  • Our daughter loves the Summer Program.  Every day she would come home and tell us about the fun things they did and looked forward to what the next day would bring.  The different themes each week really kept her engaged and excited to be there.  It has been great to see her learn from a variety of activities in a fun and safe environment.  She has learned how to become a good friend by “filling other kids’ buckets,” and not just be interested in herself.  She loves the different field trips like going to the pool, the museum, the Red Hawks, or the public library.  As parents, we appreciate the structure and organization Mrs. Fulton provides; she genuinely cares about the children.  The St. Joseph’s Summer Program is definitely something we recommend to other families.
    Bob R.
  • Our son has enjoyed the Summer Program very much. He enjoys the well thought out activities, and he talks about the different opportunities (field trips, activities, learning events) he has. The Summer Program keeps our son engaged and provides the consistency that he needs during the summer months. Our son is a hands on and interactive kid. He enjoys the activities that incorporate learning and loves to be involved as he learns new things. The Summer Program provides him many of these great opportunities. Mrs. Fulton has been great to work with, and we feel that she provides a good level of consistency and discipline within her program. As a parent, it is a great feeling to know that when your child is under the care and supervision of Mrs. Fulton, that he is safe.
    Chad O.
  • [My wife] Stacy and I are very thankful St. Joseph School provides the Summer Program. We were concerned our daughter would not be stimulated and "bored" in a typical daycare setting. St. Joseph's Summer Program provides an exciting itinerary and list of venues that would be difficult to experience as a family. Our daughter still talks about all the fun she had last summer and can't wait for this year's program to start.
    Tony B.
  • Our kids are always talking about what they did that was new and exciting during the Summer Program.  We can tell they enjoy it because they are always excited to share their stories! The educational tours and field trips have been wonderful.  The kids have gone places and done things in the Fargo-Moorhead area that we didn't even know existed. There are so many neat things about the summer program.  One of the coolest things they remember was a “life-sized” version of a board game that they played in the gym.  The kids really enjoy the field trips to museums, etc. and always come home with exciting and interesting stories.
    Michele B.
  • “My children love going to St Joseph's Summer Program. When given the option between St. Joe’s or another summer program this summer both kids preferred St. Joe’s. Last year, both kids enjoyed the themes each week so much that they actually complained when I took them to other activities we had planned. They didn't want to miss all the fun at the Summer Program.”
    Jessica O.
  • Between the excellent care of our child, and the amazing communication with parents (the newsletter is AWESOME!), we just couldn't be more pleased with sending our son to the Summer Program at St. Joe's.  Even though it's summer, our son is still learning a ton and having lots of fun while doing it!
    Marie B.
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