Why We Exist

Mission Statement 

Led by the Spirit, the mission of St. Joseph’s School is

  • To lead children and families to Christ within the Catholic Christian community.
  • To foster the spiritual, academic, social, emotional, and physical development of each person.
  • To prepare our students to use knowledge and faith to be a light for the parish, community, and world.


Philosophy Statement

St. Joseph’s School integrates religious truths and values throughout daily learning.  Religion is not just one more subject alongside the rest. We teach the truth of the Gospel to encourage students to understand their duties to God, their neighbors and themselves. As a school, we believe that children who are well-grounded in their faith know who they are – they are images of God.

  • Faith: We lead our students to a personal relationship with Christ by fostering their spiritual development through exposure to the Gospel and Catholic teaching, worship, and focus on the Beatitudes. This will prepare our students to be active life-long members of the Catholic/Christian community.
  • Leadership: We lead our students to become responsible Catholic/Christian members of society.  We work to foster their self confidence to accept their true call from God and prepare them for life-long learning and academic excellence.
  • Service: We lead our students to Christ through service learning experiences and foster each student’s unique gifts to be used to glorify God and serve others. We prepare our students to develop a keen sense of peace, social justice, and respect for their obligations in their communities and world.